Membership Classifications

The Association’s membership currently consists of five types of memberships: Chapter, Member, Affinity, Associate, and Honorary. Chapter, Member and Affinity are all defined as a graduate, certificate holder or person who attended the University for a minimum period of one quarter/semester and is not presently enrolled at the University in an undergraduate program. The person has made at a minimum $50.00 individual financial contribution to the Annual Giving Campaign during the last or current fiscal year.

Although the general definition for Chapter, Member and Affinity are the same, the distinction is simple. To be classified as a Chapter member, one has to also be a member of a Chapter which requires a specified chapter financial obligation. To be classified as a Member, one is not affiliated with a chapter and/or an affinity group. To be classified as an Affinity member, one has to be a member of an approved affinity group where the required financial obligation has been met for that group.

The last two types of memberships are: Associate and Honorary. An Associate member is classified as a spouse of a Chapter Member, Member, Affinity Member, or any person who did not attend the University; is associated with an established chapter or affinity group; and has made a minimum $50.00 individual financial contribution to the Annual Giving Campaign during the last or current fiscal year. An Honorary member is classified as any person, other than a Chapter Member, Member, or Affinity Member elected as such the Corporation for services rendered and/or support given to the Corporation or to the University.

Visit the University’s website here today to immediately become a MEMBER of the Association by donating at least $50.00 to the Annual Giving Campaign:

When a donation is made, multiple ways to designate the donation may be done. Please note the Association’s operating fund and the Association’s scholarship fund.

Membership Cards

All memberships classified as Chapter, Member, Affinity and Associate will be issued a membership card to expire at the end of a twelve-month period following the fiscal year in which a financial contribution was made to the Annual Giving Campaign. Honorary Members shall be issued a special membership card denoting their status.

Possession of a membership card or a receipt of contribution to the Annual Giving Campaign shall be required of Chapter Members, Members, Affiliate Members and Associate Members to participate in any meeting of the Corporation, and such other activities as shall be sponsored by the Association, except those open to the public.

Updated 12/17/2013

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